Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022)

No. 5

Comparison of extraction methods and nutritional benefits of proteins of milk and dairy products: A review

Hira Javed, Shafia Arshad, Amina Arif, Faiqa Shaheen, Zeemal Seemab, Shafqat Rasool, Hafiza Sobia Ramzan, Hafiz Muhammad Arsalan, Saif Ahmed, Javed Iqbal Watto
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 331-344abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Characterisation of bamboo (Bambusa tuldoides) culm flour and its use in cookies

Crislayne Vasquesorcid , Maiara Pereira Mendes, Denise de Moraes Batista da Silva, Claudia Cirineo Ferreira Monteiroorcid , Antonio Roberto Giriboni Monteiroorcid
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 345-351abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

The influence of the addition of instant rice mash on the textural properties of rice bread

Monika Augustováorcid , Iva Burešová, Rafaela Čuljak, Vikendra Dabash
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 352-358abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Application of FT-NIR spectroscopy as a rapid tool for analysis of the fish fillet chemical composition

Lucia Benešová, Silvia Jakabováorcid , Ladislav Ondruš, Jozef Golian
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 359-366abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Quality attributes of cookies enriched with functional protein isolate from red kidney beans

Imran Hayat, Asif Ahmad, Nagina Rafiqueorcid , Saima Rafiq, Saiqa Bashir, Raina Ijaz, Sohrab Qayyum
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 367-374abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Detection of soy in food from the Czech market using ELISA and PCR methods

Kamila Novotná Kružíkováorcid , Tereza Popelková, Zuzana Tšponová, Veronika Doubková, Petra Doleželová, Lucie Laichmannová
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 375-382abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Green biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles using Prunus cerasifera pissardii nigra leaf and their antimicrobial activities against some food pathogens

Abdulkerim Hatipoğlu
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 383-391abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Use of Lactiplantibacillus plantarum for dairy and non-dairy fermented products

Šárka Horáčkováorcid , Blanka Vrchotová, Daniel Koval, Akkenzhe Omarova, Marcela Sluková, Jiří Štětina
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 392-399abstractdownload PDF
Short Communication

First sensory analysis of soybean drinks made from commercial grain grown in Mexico

Mónica López Fernández, Octelina Castillo Ruíz, Homar Rene Gill Langarica
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 400-406abstractdownload PDF

No. 4

Fortification of fruit products – A review

Eugene Okraku Asareorcid , Novel Kishor Bhujelorcid , Helena Čížkováorcid , Aleš Rajchlorcid
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 259-272abstractdownload PDF

Heat-resistant moulds: Assessment, prevention and their consequences for food safety and public health

Beyza Hatice Ulusoy, Nejat Shifamussa Hamed, Fatma Kaya Yıldırımorcid
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 273-280abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Impact of plant additives: Parsley (Petroselinum crispum) leaves and red bell pepper (Capsicum annuum) on the quality of eggless wheat pasta

Eugenia Covaliovorcid , Olga Deseatnicova, Vladislav Resitcaorcid , Natalia Suhodolorcid , Grosu Carolinaorcid , Siminiuc Rodicaorcid
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 281-289abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Application of the cell-free supernatant from Weissella viridescens to control Listeria monocytogenes

Chao Yang, Yingying Zhang, Tao Yu
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 290-297abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

The effects of selective attributes of a chicken soup meal kit on satisfaction and repurchase intention

Minsun Kim, Austin SH Kangorcid
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 298-304abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Use of rheological plastic models to describe the flow behaviour of unconventional chocolate masses

Veronika Kouřilová, Renáta Dufková, Luděk Hřivna, Vojtěch Kumbárorcid
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 305-312abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Polyamines in plasma membrane function in melatonin-mediated tolerance of apricot fruit to chilling stress

Qiyao Dong, Huaipan Liu, Ronald Kurtenbach
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 313-322abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Effects of frying oil type on its stability and composition of fried food

Josef Soukuporcid , Lenka Kouřimská, Monika Sabolová, Monika Okrouhlá
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 323-330abstractdownload PDF

No. 3

Natural bioactive compounds of honey and their antimicrobial activity

Nesrine Feknousorcid , Mahieddine Boumendjel
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 163-178abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides L.) oil exhibits antifungal activity against Aspergillus flavus via disrupting mitochondrial function

Yanhua Xin, Jie Yang, San-Hu Zhao, Ke-wen Chen, Ya-qin Zhao, Tie-Dan Zhang, Jian-Hua Zhang
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 179-186abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Foam-mat convective drying of kiwiberry (Actinidia arguta) pulp

Radosław Boguszorcid , Artur Wiktororcid , Małgorzata Nowackaorcid , Joanna Ćwintal, Ewa Gondekorcid
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 187-194abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Utilisation of waste Agaricus bisporus and Torreya grandis as potential natural additive coating in Agaricus bisporus preservation

Haining Zhuang, Moyao Yang, Tao Feng, Wenfeng Ding, Lingen Chen, Yongjin Qiao, Da Chen, Wei Jia, Jinsong Zhang
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 195-201abstractdownload PDFsupplementary material
Original Paper

Traditional puffed fish cracker ('kemplang Palembang') by microwave-oven method: Physical properties and microstructure evaluation

Guttiferaorcid , Laila Rahmawatiorcid , Selly Ratna Sariorcid , Filli Pratama, Tri Wardani Widowati
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 202-209abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Transcriptomic analysis identifies differentially expressed genes in purple tender shoots and green mature leaves of Zijuan tea

Bin Jiang, Lijiao Chen, Shuangmei Duan, Bo Nian, Kunyi Liu, Yan Ma, Ming Zhao
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 210-220abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Evaluation of three-phase centrifugal separator machine (Tricanter) for olive oil extraction

Ashkan Shokrianorcid , Qiaorui Si, Peng Wang
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 221-228abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Packaging types as influencing seed quality in some soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merr.] varieties during storage period

Ratna Wylis Arief, Robet Asnawi, Reny D. Tambunan, Nila Wardani, Dewi Rumbaina Mustikawati, Made Jana Mejaya
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 229-239abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Classification of hazelnuts according to their quality using deep learning algorithms

Nizamettin Erbaşorcid , Gökalp Çınarerorcid , Kazım Kılıçorcid
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 240-248abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Effects of different pectinase maceration pre-treatments on physicochemical properties of raspberry juice and wine

Wenying Zhao, Jin Hua, Rong Wang, Shuo Li, JiaHui Shi, Zhirui Zhang
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 249-257abstractdownload PDFsupplementary material

No. 2
Bibliographical Notice

A farewell to Associate Professor Jiří Čmolík

Jan Kyselkaorcid , Vladimír Filiporcid
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 83-84abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Nine-year statistics of Czech honey carbohydrate profiles in the Czech Republic

Helena Čížková, Dalibor Titěra, Pavel Hrabec, Matěj Pospiech
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 85-92abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Effect of pretreatments on solar dehydration of different varieties of apple (Malus domestica)

Sevil Karaaslanorcid , Kamil Ekinci
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 93-101abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Evaluation and effect of rice bran and microwave heating on the physicomechanical properties of low-density polyethylene film and packaged milk quality

Vikendra Dabashorcid , Iva Buresova, Uwe Grupa
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 102-108abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Analysis of production and investment efficiency in the Mexican food industry: Application of two-stage DEA

Martin Fleglorcid , Carlos Alberto Jiménez-Bandalaorcid , Isaac Sánchez-Juárezorcid , Edgar Matus
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 109-117abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Nutritional evaluation of the full-day diet

Barbora Pohořeláorcid , Andrea Poláchováorcid , Markéta Růžičkováorcid , Marek Doležalorcid , Jana Pulkrabovaorcid , Jan Pánek
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 118-129abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Foaming properties, microstructure, and mathematical model of foam mat drying of pasta sauce based on tomato

Nok Afifahorcid , Achmat Sarifudin, Rima Kumalasari, Novita Indrianti, Lia Ratnawati, Mirwan Ardiansyah Karim, Umi Hanifah, Aidil Haryanto, Yusnan Hasni Siregar, Andi Taufan
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 130-137abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Extrusion process of maize grits used for nixtamalization

Kristýna Olšaníková, Evzen Šárkaorcid , Petra Smrčková
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 138-146abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Food safety inspection of tas kebab and salad processing line in a catering company

Gul Ece Soyutemiz, Figen Cetinkaya, Basak Sunguc Cinar, Tulay Elal Musorcid , Artun Yibar, Merve Dogan
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 147-153abstractdownload PDF
Short Communication

Assessment of chemical contaminants in fresh and packaged tender coconut (Cocos nucifera) water

Padmaja Jonnalagaddaorcid , Srujana Medithi, Summaiya Lari, Kalyan Chinthanuri, Yogeswar Dayal Kasa, Raju Nagaraju, Janardhan Vanka, Venkaiah Kodali
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 154-162abstractdownload PDF

No. 1

Evaluation of fresh palm oil adulteration with recycled cooking oil using GC-MS and ATR-FTIR spectroscopy: A review

Tan Sook Ling, Syazwan Hanani Meriam Suhaimy, Nur Azimah Abd Samad
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 1-14abstractdownload PDFsupplementary material

Meat quality – Genetic background and methods of its analysis

Marek Kowalczyk, Agnieszka Kaliniak-Dziura, Michał Prasow, Piotr Domaradzki, Anna Litwińczuk
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 15-25abstractdownload PDFsupplementary material
Original Paper

Effects of eggshell powder supplementation on nutritional and sensory attributes of biscuits

Shahnilaorcid , Sana Arif, Imran Pasha, Hira Iftikhar, Fakiha Mehak, Razia Sultana
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 26-32abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Moisture content assessment of dried Hami jujube using image colour analysis

Benxue Ma, Cong Li, Yujie Li, Wenxia Wang, Guowei Yu, Wancheng Dong, Yuanjia Zhang
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 33-41abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Characteristic parameters of honey wines and dessert meads

Vojtěch Kružíkorcid , Adéla Grégrováorcid , Lívia Vaispacherová, Eliška Václavíkováorcid , Tereza Škorpilováorcid , Ales Rajchlorcid , Helena Cizkovaorcid
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 42-50abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Evaluation of soybean stinkbug (Riptortus pedestris) powder, as a food ingredient and its nutritional composition

Yu Gao, Jiajia Xu, Menglei Xuorcid , Zijie Wang, Jing Yang, Shusen Shi
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 51-60abstractdownload PDFsupplementary material
Original Paper

Optimised preparation and characterisation of lotus root starch oxidised with sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) using response surface methodology

Jingshui Xu, Haiying Yang, Chaoyi Zhang, Chuyi Liu
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 61-68abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Chemical comparison of 100% apple, orange and grapefruit juices directly pressed and made from concentrate

Ivo Souralorcid , Petr Šnurkovičorcid , Monika Bieniaszorcid
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 69-75abstractdownload PDF
Short Communication

New product development for mixed beverages of Aceh robusta coffee and cocoa

Heru Prono Widayat, Rachman Jaya, Heri Safrial, Eka Fitria
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 76-82abstractdownload PDF

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