Chromatography of barley b-glucans

Citation:Čopíková J., Sinitsya A., Vaculová K. (2000): Chromatography of barley b-glucans. Czech J. Food Sci., 18: 29-34.
Size exclusion chromatography with a set of two columns Separon Hema Bio 1000 and Separon Hema Bio 100 was found to give efficiency for the determination of molecular mass of ß-glucans isolated from barley. The set was calibrated with dextrans of known molecular mass. b-glucans from the barley cultivars ranged in molecular mass from 1.2 × 106 g/mol to 1.5 × 106 g/mol in the case of soluble b-glucans and from 0.9 × 106 g/mol to 1.4 × 106 g/mol in the case of total b-glucans. The new Czech varieties had higher values of molecular mass in comparison to parental genotypes. The differences between molecular mass of parental genotypes of high glucan barley and new varieties were statistically significant.

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