Changes of iodine content in milk of cows treated with Betadine

Citation:Čurda L., Rudolfová J. (2000): Changes of iodine content in milk of cows treated with Betadine. Czech J. Food Sci., 18: 5-8.
The purpose of this study was to assess the changes of iodine content in milk associated with the treatment of milch cows with the disinfecting preparation Betadine on basis of active iodine. Altogether 17 samples were taken from milch cows treated after milking by immersion of teats into Betadine solution; further 3 samples from cows after uterine irrigation. Ten check samples from milch cows without treatment were analyzed too. The content of iodine in milk was determined by the sensitive spectrophotometric method based on the Sandell-Kolthoff reaction brought to an end with addition of ammonium ferrous sulphate. Organic matter of milk was destroyed by wet acid mineralization. Average concentration and confidence interval of iodine content in check samples were 58 ± 15 µg/l. Milk from cows treated after milking with Betadine was not contaminated with iodine (53 ± 18 µg/l), increased variable concentration of iodine (from 283 to 1078 µg/l) was found in the milk from cows after uterine irrigation by Betadine

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