Influence of chestnut flour addition on quality characteristics of pasta made on extruder and minipressć I., Jukić M., Jozinović A., Ačkar Đ., Koceva Komlenić D. (2016): Influence of chestnut flour addition on quality characteristics of pasta made on extruder and minipress. Czech J. Food Sci., 34: 166-172.
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Durum semolina was replaced with 10, 15, and 20% of chestnut flour. Pasta was produced on a single screw extruder with the temperature profile of 80/90/90°C and on a laboratory minipress. Pasta samples were dried at room temperature and physical and sensory properties were determined. Generally, the chestnut flour addition to durum wheat pasta decreased optimum cooking time, hardness, cohesiveness, and chewiness, but increased cooking losses and pasta adhesiveness. Samples made on an extruder showed shorter optimum cooking times in relation to samples made on a minipress. Absorbed water was decreased with chestnut flour addition. Pasta made on an extruder showed a higher sensory score in comparison with pasta made on a minipress. The addition of chestnut flour influenced the colour of the samples. Samples made on an extruder showed darker colour in dried and cooked pasta samples in relation to minipress samples. In dried pasta samples, the extruder gave yellower samples in relation to the minipress, while in cooked pasta samples it was reversed. Overall, the extruder gave higher-quality pasta compared to the minipress.
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