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The journal starts to use a new editorial system (January 1st, 2023)

Dear authors and reviewers,

We would like to inform you that from January 1st, 2023, the Czech Journal of Food Sciences will use a new editorial system Actavia.

Since January 1st, 2023, new articles will be submitted (and further processed) to the new editorial system – Actavia. Previously submitted articles (submitted till January 1st, 2023) will be processed in the previous editorial system.

In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Executive Editor of the journal on

Aims & Scope

Original research, critical review articles, and short communications dealing with food technology and processing (including food biochemistry, microbiology, analysis, engineering, nutrition, and economy). Papers are published in English.

Current issue

Comparison of extraction methods and nutritional benefits of proteins of milk and dairy products: A review

Hira Javed, Shafia Arshad, Amina Arif, Faiqa Shaheen, Zeemal Seemab, Shafqat Rasool, Hafiza Sobia Ramzan, Hafiz Muhammad Arsalan, Saif Ahmed, Javed Iqbal Watto
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 331-344abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Characterisation of bamboo (Bambusa tuldoides) culm flour and its use in cookies

Crislayne Vasquesorcid , Maiara Pereira Mendes, Denise de Moraes Batista da Silva, Claudia Cirineo Ferreira Monteiroorcid , Antonio Roberto Giriboni Monteiroorcid
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 345-351abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

The influence of the addition of instant rice mash on the textural properties of rice bread

Monika Augustováorcid , Iva Burešová, Rafaela Čuljak, Vikendra Dabash
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 352-358abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Application of FT-NIR spectroscopy as a rapid tool for analysis of the fish fillet chemical composition

Lucia Benešová, Silvia Jakabováorcid , Ladislav Ondruš, Jozef Golian
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 359-366abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Quality attributes of cookies enriched with functional protein isolate from red kidney beans

Imran Hayat, Asif Ahmad, Nagina Rafiqueorcid , Saima Rafiq, Saiqa Bashir, Raina Ijaz, Sohrab Qayyum
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 367-374abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Detection of soy in food from the Czech market using ELISA and PCR methods

Kamila Novotná Kružíkováorcid , Tereza Popelková, Zuzana Tšponová, Veronika Doubková, Petra Doleželová, Lucie Laichmannová
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 375-382abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Green biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles using Prunus cerasifera pissardii nigra leaf and their antimicrobial activities against some food pathogens

Abdulkerim Hatipoğlu
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 383-391abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Use of Lactiplantibacillus plantarum for dairy and non-dairy fermented products

Šárka Horáčkováorcid , Blanka Vrchotová, Daniel Koval, Akkenzhe Omarova, Marcela Sluková, Jiří Štětina
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 392-399abstractdownload PDF
Short Communication

First sensory analysis of soybean drinks made from commercial grain grown in Mexico

Mónica López Fernández, Octelina Castillo Ruíz, Homar Rene Gill Langarica
Czech J. Food Sci., 40 (2022): 400-406abstractdownload PDF

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