Study of informative DNA markers of the Rf1 gene in sunflower for breeding practice N., Usatov A., Makarenko M., Azarin K., Gorbachenko O., Kolokolova N., Usatenko T., Markina O., Gavrilova V. (2017): Study of informative DNA markers of the Rf1 gene in sunflower for breeding practice. Czech J. Genet. Plant Breed., 53: 69-75.
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The investigation of DNA markers associated with the pollen fertility restoration gene (Rf1) was conducted in Helianthus. Two sequence-characterized amplified region (SCAR) markers – HRG01 and HRG02 were informative for the identification of Rf1 gene in selections of sunflower plants. The codominant character of the HRG01 marker and HRG01 amplicon polymorphism has been determined. Five annual and twenty-six perennial species of sunflower were tested for the presence of Rf genotypes. HRG02 proved to be a more appropriate marker for Rf1 determination in perennial species, and HRG01 was more informative for annual species. We have also developed the multiplex RT-PCR test system, which allows simultaneously detecting the dominant allele of Rf1 and CMS-PET1 associated mitotype.  

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