Eyespot resistance gene Pch1 and methods of study of its effectiveness in wheat cultivars

https://doi.org/10.17221/157/2015-CJGPBCitation:Dumalasová V., Palicová J., Hanzalová A., Bížová I., Leišová-Svobodová L. (2015): Eyespot resistance gene Pch1 and methods of study of its effectiveness in wheat cultivars. Czech J. Genet. Plant Breed., 51: 166-173.
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The scientific report presents results of our studies on the gene Pch1, conferring resistance to eyespot disease in wheat, caused by the fungus Occulimacula spp. The presence of the gene Pch1 in wheat cultivars was analysed using the molecular marker Xorw1. In total 106 wheat cultivars registered in the Czech Republic and 54 breeding lines were tested. The gene Pch1 was found in the cultivars Annie, Beduin, Hermann, Iridium, Manager and Princeps and in three breeding lines. Some of these cultivars were tested for eyespot resistance in field trials and showed a high level of resistance. Cv. Hermann was the most resistant winter wheat cultivar in our experiments in the last two years. The method of artificial infection by Oculimacula spp. was optimized.
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