Genetic analysis and molecular mapping of a leaf rust resistance gene in the wheat line 19HRWSN-129 L., Li Z., Wang X., Kang Z., Zhu L., Ren Z., Li X., Liu D. (2016): Genetic analysis and molecular mapping of a leaf rust resistance gene in the wheat line 19HRWSN-129. Czech J. Genet. Plant Breed., 52: 1-5.
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The wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) line 19HRWSN-129 from CIMMYT showed resistance to the major Puccinia triticina (Pt) races collected in China. A 144 F2:3 population was generated by crossing the resistant line 19HRWSN-129 with the susceptible line Zhengzhou5389. All the F2:3 plants were phenotyped by inoculating with the Pt race PHGN in the greenhouse. Segregation analysis indicated the presence of a single dominant gene conferring resistance to leaf rust in the wheat line 19HRWSN-129, temporarily designated as Lrshi. Using molecular markers, we mapped this resistance locus on chromosome 7BL. It was closely linked to the SSR markers Xgwm344 and Xcfa2040 with genetic distances of 2.8 cM and 1.4 cM, respectively. Compared with other chromosome 7BL-located leaf rust resistance genes (Lr14a, Lr14b, Lr68), we demonstrate, that Lrshi is a novel wheat leaf rust resistance gene.
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