Identification of genes conferring resistance to viral diseases of barley using multiplex PCRáček T., Mařík P., Chrpová J. (2016): Identification of genes conferring resistance to viral diseases of barley using multiplex PCR. Czech J. Genet. Plant Breed., 52: 30-33.
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This paper describes a rapid and cost-effective assay for identifying economically important barley resistance genes based on multiplex PCR. A newly created reaction mixture is used for detecting the resistance genes rym4, rym5, rym11-b and Ryd2 conferring resistance to barley yellow mosaic viruses and Barley yellow dwarf virus (BYDV). It is possible to identify all these genes using only a single PCR reaction without the necessity for subsequent cutting with restriction endonucleases. This is important for developing resistant barley genotypes inasmuch as it can increase work productivity and reduce costs.
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