Multivariate characteristics of selected grass varieties for seed productionńska M., Martyniak D., Martyniak M., Gozdowski D. (2019): Multivariate characteristics of selected grass varieties for seed production. Czech J. Genet. Plant Breed., 55: 83-86.
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Data were obtained in a field experiment carried out at Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Institute Radzikow (central Poland) in 2009–2011. The aim of this study was a multivariate evaluation of 13 advanced lines and cultivars of Festuca rubra, taking into account traits important in seed production. Eleven traits of the grasses and plant resistance to diseases were evaluated. On the basis of multivariate analyses, i.e. hierarchical cluster analysis and principal component analysis, groups of varieties were separated and described, relationships between the traits were evaluated as well. The traits with the biggest influence on multivariate diversity of examined varieties were correlated with the first principal component i.e. height of plants, seeds yield, growth rate of plants, leaf width and time to beginning of earing.


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