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The wheat stem rust pathogen, Puccinia graminis f.sp. tritici, is a significant and devastating disease of wheat crops worldwide. Wheat has many wild relatives in which to source new resistance genes, including the cereal crop of rye in the tertiary genepool. The aim of this study was to assess the reaction of 1BL.1RS and 2RL.2BS double wheat-rye translocation lines to virulent stem rust races from Africa and North America. BC1F3 and BC1F4 populations from a cross between the line KR99-139 (a double wheat-rye translocation line with 1BL.1RS and 2RL.2BS) and the bread wheat cultivar Topper were used in the study. Several of the populations homozygous for 1BL.1RS and heterozygous for 2RL.2BS showed resistance and low severity adult plant resistance (20RMR-50MSS) to the African stem rust race TTKSK in the field. None of the tested populations with varying chromosome combinations showed seedling resistance to any of the tested stem rust races. Thus, these resistant populations likely carry gene/s effective at the adult plant stage since all stage resistance genes with major effect appear to be absent based on the seedling assays. Resistant lines combined three chromosomes (1RS, 2RS and 2BS) which make their direct use in breeding more complicated. Mapping studies followed by potential transfer of genes between 2R and 2B will make the identified minor genes more useful in wheat breeding.
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