Construction of high-density genetic map and QTL mapping in Nicotiana tabacum backcrossing BC4F3 population using whole-genome sequencing

Tong Z., Jiang S., He W., Chen X., Yin L., Fang D., Hu Y., Jiao F., Zhang Ch., Zeng J., Wu X., Zhao S., Jian J., Xiao B. (2021): Construction of high-density genetic map and QTL mapping in Nicotiana tabacum backcrossing BC4F3 population using whole-genome sequencing. Czech J. Genet. Plant Breed., 57: 102112.

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Backcrossing is a powerful tool for plant breeding. The improved marker-assisted backcrossing intends to transfer targeted genes or quantitative trait loci (QTLs) of interest from a donor parent into a recurrent parent. In this study, a tobacco BC4F3 population was generated using Y3 and K326 as hybrid parents and YF1-1 as F1 parents. High-throughput sequencing data of 381 pedigree populations were used to construct high-density genetic maps containing 24 142 high-quality single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) markers with an average genetic distance of 0.59 cM. A genome module analysis was then performed for all the offspring. A total of forty-three candidate QTLs for six agronomics traits were identified. This study provides original biomarkers for tobacco breeding and offers clues for prospective backcrossing applications in other plants.

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