First record of Aceria granati (Canestrini et Massalongo, 1894) in Slovakia

Kollár J., Bakay L., Paulen O. (2021): First record of Aceria granati (Canestrini et Massalongo, 1894) in Slovakia. Hort. Sci. (Prague), 48: 141–143.

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Plant galls of Aceria granati (Canestrini et Massalongo 1894) were observed on the leaves of Punica granatum (Lythraceae) in a private garden in Nitra in July, 2017. Aceria granati is a monophagous gall mite damaging the leaves of Punica granatum. This gall mite was present in one locality in Nitra only and was probably imported from Hungary via the plant trade. This is the first observation of an Aceria granati occurrence in Slovakia.

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