Seasonal abundance of insects from a vineyard in southern Romania

Vizitiu D.E., Sărdărescu I.D., Tița A., Buciumeanu E.C. (2022): Seasonal abundance of insects from a vineyard in southern Romania. Hort. Sci. (Prague), 49: 52–58.

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A field experiment was undertaken in a vineyard in southern Romania to evaluate the insect species abundance in this temperate climate area, over a period of 24 consecutive weeks, starting from April 2nd to September 27th, 2019. A total number of 19 303 insects were collected. After their morphological analysis, 89 species of insects were identified (nine orders and 28 families), of which 52 came from beneficial fauna (six orders and 14 families, 1 316 individuals) and 37 came from pest fauna (six orders and 26 families, 17 987 individuals). The beneficial species richness of the Coleoptera and Hymenoptera orders were the best represented. The pest insects of the Coleoptera and Hemiptera orders registered a high number of families, while the Thripidae family had the highest number of individuals. The highest diversity of insect species was found in the middle of April, and the lowest was found in the middle of August. The Bray–Curtis analysis revealed the stability of the insect community in the studied grapevine growing area. Grouping insects based on their similarities revealed the highest similarity (91.05–97%) in the warmest periods (June–August) and the lowest similarity (33%) in the spring (April).

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