Long-term evaluation of growth and yield of Stanley and Cacanska lepotica plum cultivars on selected rootstocks

https://doi.org/10.17221/192/2014-HORTSCICitation:Mészáros M., Kosina J., Laňar L., Náměstek J. (2015): Long-term evaluation of growth and yield of Stanley and Cacanska lepotica plum cultivars on selected rootstocks. Hort. Sci. (Prague), 42: 22-28.
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During 1992–2012, trunk cross-section area (TCSA), cumulative yield, yield efficiency and suckering of plum cultivars Stanley and Cacanska lepotica in combinations with vegetative rootstocks Myrobalan SE 4043, Myrobalan SE 4044, MY-KL-A, GF 655/2, GF 43, Damas C SE 4045, Pixy, St. Julien A and generative rootstock Myrobalan seedling were evaluated. The results indicated significant differencies of the characteristics between the evaluated cultivar/rootstock combinations for each cultivar. The long-term experience indicates that the evaluated characteristics of the trees on different rootstocks can significantly change during the ontogenetical developement in the orchard. This is demonstrated by the difference in the entering into the bearing stage, different abudance of the yields, the time of reaching of maximum yields and also in changes of growth intensity. For detailed description of the rootstock characteristics long-term trials are required. For cv. Stanley, Myrobalan SE 4043 is the best rootstock for long-term orchards and St. Julien A for orchards with a higher replanting rate. For cv. Cacanska lepotica, Myrobalan SE 4043 seems to be the best rootstock.
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