Germination of Corylopsis seeds evaluated by X-ray imaging and cold stratification Kim J., Ok Kim K., Kyung Lee A., S. Roh M., Keun Suh J. (2017): Germination of Corylopsis seeds evaluated by X-ray imaging and cold stratification. Hort. Sci. (Prague), 44: 105-111.
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Effects of immersing seeds in water and X-ray imagining on germination of Corylopsis seed were investigated. Seeds that sank or floated were collected after immersing in water for 5 min, 4 h or 16 h, and germinated with or without 5°C cold stratification (CS). In C. coreana and C. sinensis var. calvescens, 52% and 89%, respectively, of seeds that sank immediately developed embryos and cotyledons germinated. Germination of C. sinensis var. calvescens seeds that sank after 16 h increased to 45% after the first CS treatment, as compared to 12% without CS. Immersing seeds in water for 16 h to collect full and mostly full seeds is recommended. X-ray imaging coupled with immersion is effective technique to select viable seeds. Dormancy could be partially released by immersing seeds in water for 16 h; however, germination was improved after CS.  

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