Determination of antioxidant activities of some apple cultivars L., Ünüvar G., Ersoy N. (2017): Determination of antioxidant activities of some apple cultivars . Hort. Sci. (Prague), 44: 120-125.
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This study was conducted in order to determine the antioxidant activities of certain apple varieties. ‘Galaxy Gala’, ‘Scarlet Spur’, ‘Fuji’, ‘Pink Lady’ and ‘Granny Smith’ were characterized in this study. The antioxidant activities among the varieties were determined via three different procedures. Antiradical activity figures of the apple varieties were between 0.592 (‘Galaxy Gala’) and 0.802 (‘Scarlet Spur’). Inhibition levels of chelating activity with Fe+2 varied between 40.20–55.50%; ‘Scarlet Spur’ and ‘Pink Lady’ extracts had the highest inhibition with 55.50% and ‘Granny Smith’ extract had the lowest with the level. Among the extracts showing H2O2 clearance effect, Granny Smith (62.54%) and Scarlet Spur (44.67%) extracts had the highest inhibition levels. In this study conducted on apple varieties, total phenolic matter levels were determined in ‘Scarlet Spur’, ‘Pink Lady’, ‘Fuji’, ‘Galaxy Gala’ and ‘Granny Smith’.

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