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The effects of two strength media (full and half) in inorganics and five polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) concentrations combined with 1 mg/l indole-3-butyric acid on the in vitro rooting of the CAB-6P, Gisela 6 and M × M 14 cherry rootstocks were investigated. For the CAB-6P, root number (5.80) was greatest by adding 5 g/l PVP to the half strength medium and 1 g/l PVP resulted in 80% rooting percentage. For Gisela 6, 1 g/l PVP in half strength medium led to the highest root number (6.30) as well as the highest rooting percentage (90.91%). On the contrary, root length was maximum (36.17 mm) in the full strength medium without adding PVP. In M × M 14, root number was maximum (8.33) in the PVP-free full strength medium, rooting percentage was 100% by adding 5 g/l PVP to either full or half strength medium and root length was greatest by incorporating 1 or 2.5 g/l PVP into the half strength medium. PVP seems to be a promising rooting agent in tissue culture systems.
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