‘Mini PS’: A new mini melon breeding line exploiting the “Dudaim” variability – Short Communication


Castro G., Perpiñá G., Picó B., Esteras C. (2020): 'Mini PS': A new mini melon breeding line exploiting “Dudaim” variability – Short Communication. Hort. Sci. (Prague), 47: 217–220.

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‘Piel de Sapo’ is one of the most consumed market class of melons in the Mediterranean area and it represents an important economic crop in Spain. The ‘Mini PS’ melon breeding line, which bears two main introgressions from the dudaim ‘Queen’s pocket’ melon in the Piel de Sapo genetic background, was evaluated for its fruit quality traits in three environments. Some interesting commercial characteristics were detected, such as a notable decrease in the fruit weight and a rounder shape, compared with Piel de Sapo, while the other quality traits were not altered. Thus, this mini melon line, ideal as a personal melon, may be useful in the development of new melon cultivars.

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