Determination of leaf characteristics in different medlar genotypes using the ImageJ program

Cosmulescu S., Scrieciu F., Manda M. (2020): Determination of leaf characteristics in different medlar genotypes using the ImageJ program. Hort. Sci. (Prague), 47: 117-121.

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The size and shape of leaves can vary significantly between different genotypes within the same species and they implicitly influence plant growth and therefore productivity. The aim of this study was to compare the length, width, and surface area of leaf in nine medlar genotypes (Mespilus germanica L.) through image segmentation procedure using ImageJ software. The data indicate large variations for leaf surface area characteristics from one genotype to another, 2.12 fold for leaf surface area (22.95–48.8 cm²), 1.38 times for leaf length (8.8–12.18 cm) and 1.6 times for leaf width (3.5–5.60 cm). Leaf shape and leaf surface area vary between different genotypes analysed, and the method used can represent a good, non-destructive model of quick and reliable estimation of the medlar leaves surface area. The information obtained can be used in physiology studies, regardless of genetic material.

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