Hort. Sci. (Prague), 36 (2009)

No. 4

Index of Volume 36
Hort. Sci. (Prague), 36 (2009): I-IIdownload PDF
DNA polymorphism in genetic resources of red pepper using microsatellite markers
P. Hanáček, T. Vyhnánek, M. Rohrer, J. Cieslarová, H. Stavělíková
Hort. Sci. (Prague), 36 (2009): 127-132abstractdownload PDF
Application of synchrotron radiation X-ray fluorescence to investigate the distribution of mineral elements in different organs of greenhouse spinach
S.Z. Xin, Y.J. Song, C. Lv, Y.K. Rui, F.S. Zhang, W. Xu, D. Wu, S. Wu, J. Zhong, D.L. Chen, Q. Chen, F.T. Peng
Hort. Sci. (Prague), 36 (2009): 133-139abstractdownload PDF
Influence of growth regulators and explants on shoot regeneration in carnation
J.K. Kanwar, S. Kumar
Hort. Sci. (Prague), 36 (2009): 140-146abstractdownload PDF
Occurrence and correction of chlorosis in young petunia plants
F. Šrámek, M. Dubský
Hort. Sci. (Prague), 36 (2009): 147-153abstractdownload PDF
Testing of Koch method applied for evaluation of ornamental trees in the Czech Republic
P. Bulíř
Hort. Sci. (Prague), 36 (2009): 154-161abstractdownload PDF
Cultivation of Cypripedium calceolus L. ex vitro seedlings in outdoor conditions: Short communication
J. Obdržálek
Hort. Sci. (Prague), 36 (2009): 162-170abstractdownload PDF

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