Hort. Sci. (Prague), 39 (2012)

No. 3

In vitro shoot multiplication as influenced by repeated subculturing of shoots of contemporary fruit rootstocks
Vujović T., Ružić Dj., Cerović R.:
Hort. Sci. (Prague), 39 (2012): 101-107abstractdownload PDF
Final evaluation of nine plum cultivars grafted onto two rootstocks in a trial established in 1998 at Holovousy
Blažek J., Pištěková I.:
Hort. Sci. (Prague), 39 (2012): 108-115abstractdownload PDF
Characterization of M. laxa and M. fructigena isolates from Hungary with MP-PCR
Sződi Sz., Komjáti H., Turóczi Gy.:
Hort. Sci. (Prague), 39 (2012): 116-122abstractdownload PDF
Nutritional values of new Czech cultivars of Saskatoon berries (Amelanchier alnifolia Nutt.)
Rop O., Řezníček V., Mlček J., Juríková T., Sochor J., Kizek R., Humpolíček P., Balík J.:
Hort. Sci. (Prague), 39 (2012): 123-128abstractdownload PDF
Effects of different light intensities on anti-oxidative enzyme activity, quality and biomass in lettuce
Weiguo Fu, Pingping Li, Yanyou Wu, Jianjian Tang:
Hort. Sci. (Prague), 39 (2012): 129-134abstractdownload PDF
Effects of field bindweed (Convolvulus arvensis L.) and powdery mildew [Leveillula taurica (Lev.) Arn.] on pepper growth and yield – Short communication
Karkanis A., Bilalis D., Efthimiadou A., Katsenios N.:
Hort. Sci. (Prague), 39 (2012): 135-138abstractdownload PDF
Occurrence of viruses on pepper plantations in the Czech Republic – Short communication
Svoboda J., Svobodová-Leišová L.:
Hort. Sci. (Prague), 39 (2012): 139-143abstractdownload PDF
Apricot latent virus – Review
Grimová L., Ryšánek P.:
Hort. Sci. (Prague), 39 (2012): 144-148abstractdownload PDF

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