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  • An international open access peer-reviewed journal published by the Czech Academy of Agricultural Sciences and financed by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic. Published since 1976 (by 1999 under the title Zahradnictví)
  • The journal is administered by an international Editorial Board
  • Editor-in-Chief: Ing. Jan Blažek, CSc.
  • Executive Editor: Ing. Eva Karská
  • The journal is published quarterly

Aims & Scope

The journal publishes results of basic and applied research from all areas of horticulture – fruit growing, vegetable growing, mushrooms growing, viniculture, floriculture, medicinal plants, ornamental gardening, garden and landscape architecture. The main concern is on plants growing under the conditions of moderate temperate zone. Original scientific papers, short communications and review articles are published in the journal. Papers are published in English (British spelling).

Czech Academy of Agricultural Sciences changed to double-blind reviewing
The Publishing Board of the CAAS is pleased to announce its movement to a double-blind review process  (November 1, 2018).

Current issue


Sustainable alternatives to chemicals for weed control in the orchard – a Review 

Md Jebu Mia, Francesca Massetani, Giorgio Murri, Davide Neri
Hort. Sci. (Prague), 47 (2020): 1-12abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Long-term evaluation of rootstock effects on cropping and tree parameters of selected sweet cherry cultivars

Jitka Blažková, František Paprštein, Lubor Zelený, Adéla Skřivanová, Pavol Suran
Hort. Sci. (Prague), 47 (2020): 13-20abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Evaluation of genetic fidelity of in vitro-propagated blackberry plants using RAPD and SRAP molecular markers

Orsolya Borsai, Monica Hârța, Katalin Szabo, Cristina-Daniela Kelemen, Flavia Andreea Andrecan, Maria-Maruni Codrea, Doina Clapa
Hort. Sci. (Prague), 47 (2020): 21-27abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Minimal morphoagronomic descriptors for Cuban pineapple germplasm characterisation

Daymara Rodriguez-Alfonso, Miriam Isidron-Perez, Odalys Barrios, Zoila Fundora, José Ignacio Hormaza, Maria Jose Grajal-Martin, Lisset Herrera-Isidron
Hort. Sci. (Prague), 47 (2020): 28-35abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Effect of partial root-zone drying on grafted tomato in commercial greenhouse

Branimir Urlić, Marko Runjić, Katja Žanić, Marija Mandušić, Gabriela Vuletin Selak, Igor Pasković, Gvozden Dumičić
Hort. Sci. (Prague), 47 (2020): 36-44abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Effect of plant density on stem and flower quality of single-stem ornamental sunflower genotypes

Emina Mladenović, Sandra Cvejić, Siniša Jocić, Nemanja Ćuk, Jelena Čukanović, Milan Jocković, Ana Marjanović Jeromela
Hort. Sci. (Prague), 47 (2020): 45-52abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Alleviation of allelochemical stress-induced growth inhibition and oxidative damage in lettuce under closed hydroponics through electro-degradation

Md. Raihan Talukder, Md. Asaduzzaman, Makoto Ueno, Hideyuki Tanaka, Toshiki Asao
Hort. Sci. (Prague), 47 (2020): 53-68abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Molecular characterisation of apple accessions with respect to aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid synthase gene (ACS1) polymorphism

Khethani Mhelembe, Johan Kriel, Cecilia Bester, Esme Louw, Rouvay Roodt-Wilding, Kenneth Tobutt
Hort. Sci. (Prague), 47 (2020): 69-79abstractdownload PDF

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