Determination of the optimal density of the forest road network T. (2019): Determination of the optimal density of the forest road network. J. For. Sci., 65: 438-444.
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The forest road network is invariably linked to forestry and logging, as it transports logging products and products needed for forestry activities. Constructing and maintaining it in good condition are essential. In view of the economic situation in the country and the financial difficulties faced by forest holdings in the construction and maintenance of the forest road network, it is necessary to determine the optimal hauling distance and the optimal density of the primary forest road network. The analysis of the forest road network in the territory of the State Educational Experimental Forestry Enterprise “Georgi Avramov”, Yundola village, showed that the density of the primary forest road network is several times higher than the national average, namely 20.31 m'·ha–1, yet it does not reach the optimal road network density calculated at the farm, of 30.9 m'·ha–1, at a hauling distance of 323.15 m.

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