Changes in decision making and cooperation among forest owners: the Lithuanian caseūnas A., Girdziušas S. (2019): Changes in decision making and cooperation among forest owners: the Lithuanian case. J. For. Sci., 65: 450-459.
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Understanding of the basic determinants of cooperation among private forest owners is of crucial importance to forest owners, private forest owners’ cooperatives and other key players in the forest sector. This topic concerns complementary empirical and theoretical studies from the fields of economics and social studies. A recent study shows that private forest owners differ in their attitudes towards forest management and processes of cooperation in terms of the time perspective and, correspondingly, make different decisions in various situations related to forest management. Based on the data from two surveys, this paper shows how private forest owners’ views of forest management in Lithuania have developed over the last thirteen years and finds some basic socio-economic aspects that drive cooperation among private forest owners for joint forest management.

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