Effect of the skid trail cross section and horizontal alignment on forest soil physical properties

https://doi.org/10.17221/108/2016-JFSCitation:Yazarlou H., Parsakhoo A., Habashi H., Ali Soltauninejad S. (2017): Effect of the skid trail cross section and horizontal alignment on forest soil physical properties. J. For. Sci., 63: 161-166.
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Horizontal alignment and cross section characteristics of a skid trail in a ground-based skidding system including curves, wheel ruts and cross slope can impact on the forest soil. In this study the measurement of cross section and vertical alignment of skid trail in Bahramnia forestry plan was done using a levelling instrument. Horizontal alignment of skid trail including straight routes and curves was taken using polar methods. A 3D map of skid trail was produced in AutoCAD Civil3D software. Soil bulk density was measured after sampling the soil with a core sampler. Results showed that in straight routes, soil bulk density increased by increasing the cross slope of skid trail. Moreover, soil porosity decreased with the increasing cross slope. There was a significant difference between cross slopes in soil moisture. On curves, maximum bulk density occurred when the cross slope was 10%. Findings about soil porosity and moisture on curves of skid trails were similar to those of straight routes. Based on our findings, soil bulk density in wheel ruts was significantly lower than that in the middle part of skid trail. Soil bulk density in the silty soil texture of studied skid trails was a little more than ideal bulk density, so it cannot affect and restrict root growth.
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