Available nitrogen in the surface mineral layer of Serbian forest soils

https://doi.org/10.17221/109/2010-JFSCitation:Dželetović Ž.S., Pivić R.N., Djurović N.L.J. (2011): Available nitrogen in the surface mineral layer of Serbian forest soils. J. For. Sci., 57: 131-140.
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Based on a greenhouse experiment, we evaluated nitrogen availability in the surface mineral layer of soil under various deciduous forest stands by analysing the following soil characteristics: total organic C, total N, initial content of easily available N inorganic forms, mineralized N content obtained by aerobic and anaerobic incubations and A-value. The experiment was performed on a test plant and through the application of urea enriched with 5.4% 15N.
The studied forest soils are characterized by high mineralization intensity and high N availability indices. Aerobic incubation appears to be the most appropriate method for evaluating the available N content. The amounts of mineralized and nitrified N, obtained by aerobic incubation, with subtraction of the initial content of available mineral N forms are in correlation (P ≤ 0.05) with total organic C content (r = 0.916) and total soil N (r = 0.903) while the correlation with the C/N ratio is poor (r = 0.645).

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