Estimating the economic life of forest machinery using the cumulative cost model and cost minimization model in Iranian Caspian forests M., Lotfalian M., Mohammadi Limaei S. (2018): Estimating the economic life of forest machinery using the cumulative cost model and cost minimization model in Iranian Caspian forests. J. For. Sci., 64: 216-223.
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This study was conducted in order to estimate the economic life of two models of rubber-tired skidders, namely Timberjack 450C and HSM 904, in Iranian Caspian forests. The total annual costs and average cumulative cost of skidders were calculated by life-cycle costing analysis. The economic life of the machines was estimated by both the cumulative cost model and cost minimization model. The results indicated that the economic life of Timberjack 450C and HSM 904 is 7,700 h (at the end of the 11th year) and 15,300 h (at the end of the 17th year), respectively, using the cost minimization model. Furthermore, the results indicated that the economic life of Timberjack 450C and HSM 904 is 9,100 h (at the end of the 13th year) and 11,900 h (at the end of the 21st year), respectively, using the cumulative cost model. The cumulative cost model estimated the economic life of skidders longer than the cost minimization model.

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