Experimental investigation of vertical and horizontal reinforcement geotextiles in forest road pavement

https://doi.org/10.17221/154/2017-JFSCitation:Dini M., Nikooy M., Naskovets M.T., Ghomi A. (2018): Experimental investigation of vertical and horizontal reinforcement geotextiles in forest road pavement. J. For. Sci., 64: 296-302.
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In this research, the results of an experimental survey on the measurement of vertical stresses are presented. Four treatments were used in this study such as combination of geotextile vertical and horizontal structure with dimensions of 5 × 5 and 10 × 10 cm, horizontal geotextile and the treatment without geotextile. Five sensors were installed in different hole locations and the lead of the truck traffic was transmitted by cables to data logging and recording devices to measure the pressure from vehicle traffic on the simulated pavement layer. Mean comparison of the treatments showed that the geotextile with vertical and horizontal structure and dimensions of 5 × 5 cm exerted the lowest pressure on the lower layers compared with the other treatments and there was a significant difference between the value of this treatment and the other treatments and that this treatment could significantly reduce the pressure of truck traffic on the forest road.

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