Use of nuclear microsatellite loci for evaluating genetic diversity among selected populations of Abies alba Mill. in the Czech Republicčková H., Máchová P., Malá J. (2015): Use of nuclear microsatellite loci for evaluating genetic diversity among selected populations of Abies alba Mill. in the Czech Republic. J. For. Sci., 61: 345-351.
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The simple sequence repeats (SSR) method of DNA analysis was used to determine genetic diversity within and among silver fir (Abies alba Mill.) populations. Total genomic DNA was extracted from 250 Abies alba adult individuals collected from 8 important populations growing in different parts of the Czech Republic. Samples were screened using eight selected polymorphic nuclear microsatellite markers. PCR products were separated by capillary electrophoresis. Identified genetic loci were verified as reliable and polymorphic and were used for comparative genetic analyses of silver fir populations. The genotypic data from the adult trees implies genetic differences among the studied populations. The populations’ genetic diversity expressed as Shannon’s information index values was highest in the JD06 population from Hochwald. The lowest genetic diversity was in the JD02 population from Velké Polčané, Morávka. The longest genetic distance appeared between the JD02 (Velké Polčané, Morávka) and JD07 (Hojsova Stráž) populations. The closest genetic distance was between the JD01 (Babín) and JD03 (Vodslivy) populations.
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