Estimation of diameter at breast height from mobile laser scanning data collected under a heavy forest canopyČerňava J., Tuček J., Koreň M., Mokroš M. (2017): Estimation of diameter at breast height from mobile laser scanning data collected under a heavy forest canopy. J. For. Sci., 63: 433-441.
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Mobile laser scanning (MLS) is time-efficient technology of geospatial data collection that proved its ability to provide accurate measurements in many fields. Mobile innovation of the terrestrial laser scanning has a potential to collect forest inventory data on a tree level from large plots in a short time. Valuable data, collected using mobile mapping system (MMS), becomes very difficult to process when Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) outages become too long. A heavy forest canopy blocking the GNSS signal and limited accessibility can make mobile mapping very difficult. This paper presents processing of data collected by MMS under a heavy forest canopy. DBH was estimated from MLS point cloud using three different methods. Root mean squared error varied between 2.65 and 5.57 cm. Our research resulted in verification of the influence of MLS coverage of tree stem on the accuracy of DBH data.
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