The effect of some climate factors on dimensional stability in Pinus brutiaş İ. (2015): The effect of some climate factors on dimensional stability in Pinus brutia. J. For. Sci., 61: 352-358.
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This study investigated the effect of climate factors on dimensional stability in Pinus brutia Ten. wood in its natural range in the Mediterranean region of Turkey. For this purpose, test trees at approximately the same age and altitude were taken from five different climate regions of the Mediterranean. The results of the statistical analyses indicated that climatological factors had an important impact on dimensional stability in Calabrian pine wood. While there is a significant relation between the direction in which test samples from the test tree were obtained and the amounts of radial and tangential shrinkages, there is a non-significant relationship with the amounts of swellings. Regression analyses showed that volumetric shrinkage and swelling in some regions had a significant correlation with wood properties. Furthermore, differences in dimensional stability between the climatological factors could be attributed to the fast-growing plantations for arid zone forestry.
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