The effects of limiting climate factors on the increment of native tree species (Pinus sylvestris L., Quercus robur L.) of the Voronezh region S., Milenin A., Timashchuk D. (2018): The effects of limiting climate factors on the increment of native tree species (Pinus sylvestris L., Quercus robur L.) of the Voronezh region. J. For. Sci., 64: 427-434.
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The article considers the Voronezh region climate dynamics over a 30-year period in comparison with the previous climate normal. Mathematical analysis of the relationships of cyclic changes in radial increment of native tree species of the south of the Russian Plain – Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris Linnaeus) and English oak (Quercus robur Linnaeus) ‒ with climate factors (air temperature, amount of precipitation) is done. The greatest importance of April and, especially, May sums of precipitation for the formation of radial increment of native species (P. sylvestris and Q. robur) was confirmed. The forecast of changes in stand growth and productivity of the studied species is presented.

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