Considering the soil compaction status on logging areas in a Hyrcanian forest S.A.O., Akbarimehr M., Emadian S.F., Agh A. (2015): Considering the soil compaction status on logging areas in a Hyrcanian forest. J. For. Sci., 61: 210-215.
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This paper deals with the issue of soil compaction during timber harvesting operations on cutting areas. Soil compaction was assessed following the logging operation in Darabkola forest area by measuring soil bulk density. In this research, a completely random sampling method was used to assess the resulting changes in soil bulk density. Soil bulk density was measured using bulk density sampler on felling, bucking, delimbing and control areas. The results showed that the bulk density value in the top soil layer increased with increasing tree volume and was not dependent on the terrain slope on the felling area. Also, there was a significant relationship between the bulk density value of felling area and tree volume. Further analysis showed that there was no significant relationship between bulk density values on felling, bucking, delimbing and control areas. It was shown that careful harvesting planning, restriction, skidding and directional felling limited the soil compaction and helped the soil conservation.

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