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Forests in the mountain ranges are supposed to meet multiple objectives at the same time. There are different expectations and priorities among stakeholder groups. The object of the research is the case study area in the Goat Backs Mountains in Slovakia (representing Western Carpathians). The stakeholders’ panel which included local government officials, landowners, foresters, interest group representatives etc. judged the current and future importance of ecosystem services in a special questionnaire. The context analysis provided main strengths and weaknesses, threats and opportunities that influence mountain forest management and the provision and use of ecosystem services in the case study area were done by involved experts from practice and science. Based on the SWOT results a possible strategy for the provision of ecosystem services was proposed. Some of the key issues that have been identified by experts concerning the balancing of ecosystem service provision are: strengthening the local stakeholder involvement; enhancing regional initiatives; and economic market-oriented instruments and economic incentives.
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