Long-term storage of service tree (Sorbus domestica L.) seeds and induction of their germination

https://doi.org/10.17221/57/2015-JFSCitation:Prknová H. (2015): Long-term storage of service tree (Sorbus domestica L.) seeds and induction of their germination. J. For. Sci., 61: 417-421.
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Service tree (Sorbus domestica L.) is a significant species with regard to the biodiversity of specific habitats. Its reproduction in natural conditions appears to be problematic and in the interest of preserving the countryside, forests and their biodiversity, it is necessary to apply controlled reproduction procedures. Therefore, when applying such procedures it is of crucial importance to optimize the storage and use of seed material. The objective of the present article is to evaluate the germination rates of seeds which were stored in the long term. 95% of the seeds preserved at low temperatures above zero in a normal refrigerator for 8 years germinated after stratification in wet sand. The germination rate of the same seeds when moistened without stratification was 0%. However, after removal of the seed coat, 76% of these seeds germinated without stratification. Storage of air-dried seeds in the cold (at temperatures above zero) is ideal and is better than freezing them to –20°C, as reported in the literature. Wet peat is completely unsuitable for stratification.
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