Relation between terrain and operating conditions of forest skiddersš J., Mikleš M. (2015): Relation between terrain and operating conditions of forest skidders. J. For. Sci., 61: 515-519.
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A model of the probability of operating conditions describes running of the examined unit in form of connected probabilities of occurrence of monitored operating factors can be stochastically dependent or independent. Operating factors will be divided, in order to the opportunity of the monitoring, on the quantification of the probability model of the forest skidder, into two parts: terrain conditions (micro and macrorelief of the terrain) and operating conditions (a line of operation, a load, a distance). In this paper opportunities are sought of the relationship between terrain conditions and operating conditions in the defined signification. A field of the application is in a monitoring of operating conditions, planning and organisation of the experiment, in this field.
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