Methodology of monitoring wood sources and consumption in the Czech Republic

Sujová A., Babuka R., Kupčák V. (2021): Methodology of monitoring wood sources and consumption in the Czech Republic. J. For. Sci., 67: 1–11.

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Currently, it is difficult to identify correct data on wood sources and their consumption in the Czech Republic. Official statistics of wood production are relatively limited to obtaining data that accurately captures the objective wood production, which would enable the observation of the direction or consumption of particular tree species or products. This uncertainty is then transferred to the wood flow for industrial and energy processing, and it is not possible to compose a detailed picture of how much wood and which sources enter into the wood processing and how large the total material flow is. The aim of this paper is to present an option for how to determine this lack of valid information that enables clear outcomes necessary for decision making by means of the recalculation of wood sources consumed in the Czech Republic, using the data of processing capacities and foreign trade. The reverse model better expressed a conversion value of roundwood into the products and allowed optimal approximation in the wood sources assessment.

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