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Romania is also included among the European Union countries where deforested areas have radically increased in recent years, with mountain areas being the most affected. The pressure on the forest fund was analysed in the Maramureş County, as one of the most deforested counties of Romania. In view of assessing the forest area evolution, forested and deforested areas have been calculated for the period 2001–2012, using the Global Forest Change 2000–2012 database provided by the Department of Geographical Sciences, Maryland University. The economic pressure quantification was monitored by developing a database on economic activities based upon the loggings carried out in the period 2001–2012. This database comprises the number of companies, their turnover, profit and the number of employees for the economic sectors causing pressure on the forest fund. The outcomes show a dramatic increase in deforested areas, amounting to over 16,500 ha in the Maramureș County. Nearly 5,000 ha have been deforested in Borșa, the commune with the largest deforested areas in the period 2000–2012, causing major imbalances to the local ecosystem.

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