LAI estimation by direct and indirect methods in Scots pine stands in Northern Steppe of Ukraine V., Lakyda P., Sytnyk S., Kharytonov M., Piestova I. (2018): LAI estimation by direct and indirect methods in Scots pine stands in Northern Steppe of Ukraine. J. For. Sci., 64: 514-522.
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Leaf area index (LAI) of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris Linnaeus) in the Northern Steppe of Ukraine was estimated. LAI estimated directly (LAI d, destructive sampling) was compared with LAI determined by digital hemispherical photography (indirect method, LAI id) in Scots pine stands. The studies to determine LAI were performed in pine stands of the age ranging from 57 to 87 years. The high coefficient of determination between needle weight and crown diameter as dependent variables and stand age as an independent variable was found at the tree level. LAI values of the stands estimated by the direct method were higher than those obtained by the indirect method on average by 8.8%. The results obtained by both methods were used for LAI determination from allometric relationships with tree mensuration parameters and stand biometric characteristics. There was a more significant relationship between LAI id values and tree crown diameter, basal area of stands as independent variables.

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