Evaluation of the genetic diversity of selected Fagus sylvatica L. populations in the Czech Republic using nuclear microsatellites

https://doi.org/10.17221/88/2016-JFSCitation:Cvrčková H., Máchová P., Poláková L., Trčková O. (2017): Evaluation of the genetic diversity of selected Fagus sylvatica L. populations in the Czech Republic using nuclear microsatellites. J. For. Sci., 63: 53-61.
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Fagus sylvatica Linnaeus (European beech), the ecologically and economically most important broadleaved tree species in the Czech Republic, was strongly reduced in the past. Today there are efforts to increase the proportion of beech to ensure optimal forest tree species composition. When extensively reintroducing beech, it is important to acquire more detailed knowledge of genetic diversity. Thirteen important beech populations in different stands in the territory of the Czech Republic were genotyped using 12 polymorphic nuclear microsatellite markers. The genotypic data from adult trees imply genetic differences between the populations. The estimated genetic diversity expressed as Shannon’s information index ranged from 1.73 to 1.92. Thirteen beech populations showed excess homozygotes, as indicated by positive fixation index (F) values (F = 0.005–0.115). The pairwise FST values indicated low genetic differentiation between the 13 Czech beech populations, because they were greater than zero, that means they confirmed the presence of population structuring in Czech European beech. Not significant linear correlations were observed between genetic and geographic distances of the 13 beech populations studied on the basis of microsatellite markers. Twelve microsatellite markers were verified as highly polymorphic and suitable for genotyping of European beech populations.
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