The reaction of different Sorbus L. species to low temperatures during thaw in the Orel region Z., Emelianova O. (2019): The reaction of different Sorbus L. species to low temperatures during thaw in the Orel region. J. For. Sci., 65: 218-225.
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Five Sorbus L. species of different ecological and geographical origin growing in the VNIISPK arboretum were studied. The Institute is located 368 km southwest of Moscow, on the Central Russian upland in the European part of Russia. The studies were carried out in 2014–2016. The reaction of different Sorbus L. species to a three-day thaw +2°C with a subsequent decrease in temperature to –25°C in February and –30°C in March was studied in order to identify adapted species to the climatic conditions of the Orel region for use in ornamental horticulture. As a result of the experiment, we recommend Sorbus aria (L.) Crantz, Sorbus aucuparia L. and Sorbus alnifolia (Siebold. et Zucc.) K. Koch. as adapted species for the Orel region to create sustainable landscape compositions.

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