New technological solutions for waterlogged forests by cable yarding

Shoshyn A., Protas P., Štollmann V. (2022): New technological solutions for waterlogged forests by cable yarding. J. For. Sci., 68: 46–60.

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The article proposes new technological techniques for clear cutting in swampy areas using standing skylines, new construction of yarder and the technology of its operation. As a result of the research on using the Larix 3T-500 cable yarder in winter and summer, the operational negative peculiarities of tower yarder in waterlogged forests were identified. Analysing data on experimental comparative time studies, some measures to reduce the negative effect of the identified features on yarding, felling, lateral yarding were worked out. General recommendations for work performance in swampy logging areas were developed. Based on the initial data for each bundle (yarding distance, lateral yarding distance, average volume of the bundle, etc.) the calculation in the MathCad program was performed and a regression dependence of the yarder performance was obtained. Obtained numerical data on comparative time studies of the working cycle operations were summarized in bar charts, taking into account the loss of time on operations.

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