J. For. Sci., 49 (2003)

No. 7

Forest ecosystems of the Šumava Mts. and their management
S. Vacek, V. V. Podrázský
J. For. Sci., 49 (2003): 291-301abstractdownload PDF
Biological activity, nitrogen dynamics, and chemical characteristics of forest soils in the Šumava national park
M. Svoboda
J. For. Sci., 49 (2003): 302-312abstractdownload PDF
Introskeletal erosion threat in mountain forests of the Czech Republic
S. Vacek, V. V. Podrázský, M. Mikeska, W. K. Moser
J. For. Sci., 49 (2003): 313-320abstractdownload PDF
Effect of fertilisation on Norway spruce needles
V. V. Podrázský, S. Vacek, I. Ulbrichová
J. For. Sci., 49 (2003): 321-326abstractdownload PDF
Mountain Norway spruce forests: Needle supply and its nutrient content
M. Kovářová, S. Vacek
J. For. Sci., 49 (2003): 327-332abstractdownload PDF
Dynamics of health status of forest stands on research plots in the Šumava National Park
S. Vacek, K. Matějka, J. Mayová, V. V. Podrázský
J. For. Sci., 49 (2003): 333-347abstractdownload PDF

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