J. For. Sci., 54 (2008)

No. 3

Nutrients in the aboveground biomass of substitute tree species stand with respect to thinning – blue spruce (Picea pungens Engelm.)
M. Slodičák, J. Novák
J. For. Sci., 54 (2008): 85-91abstractdownload PDF
Spatial pattern of Norway spruce and silver fir natural regeneration in uneven-aged mixed forests of northeastern Bohemia
Š. Hofmeister, M. Svoboda, J. Souček, S. Vacek
J. For. Sci., 54 (2008): 92-101abstractdownload PDF

Stand growth model using volume increment/basal area ratios

G.J. Martínez Pastur, J.M. Cellini, M.V. Lencinas, P.L. Peri
J. For. Sci., 54 (2008): 102-108abstractdownload PDF
Biomass functions applicable to oak trees grown in Central-European forestry
E. Cienciala, J. Apltauer, Z. Exnerová, F. Tatarinov
J. For. Sci., 54 (2008): 109-120abstractdownload PDF
Wedge prism as a tool for diameter and distance measurement
L. Šálek, D. Zahradník
J. For. Sci., 54 (2008): 121-124abstractdownload PDF
Rationalization of the performance of a mobile off-road system working in the forest environment with respect to its emission load
A. Janeček, A. Skoupý, R. Klvač
J. For. Sci., 54 (2008): 125-130abstractdownload PDF

An estimation of willingness to pay for asparagus (Asparagus racemosus Willd.) collectors in Makawanpur District, Nepal

T.N. Maraseni, J. Maroulis, G. Cockfield
J. For. Sci., 54 (2008): 131-137abstractdownload PDF

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