J. For. Sci., 54 (2008)

No. 4

Current use of European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) for artificial regeneration of forests in the air-polluted areas
P. Hobza, O. Mauer, M. Pop
J. For. Sci., 54 (2008): 139-149abstractdownload PDF
Comparison of the root system architecture between windthrown and undamaged spruces growing in poorly drained sites
P. Štofko, M. Kodrík
J. For. Sci., 54 (2008): 150-160abstractdownload PDF

Structure of coarse woody debris in Lange-Leitn Natural Forest Reserve, Austria

M.M. Rahman, G. Frank, H. Ruprecht, H. Vacik
J. For. Sci., 54 (2008): 161-169abstractdownload PDF
The relation between the microscopic structure and the wood density of European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.)
V. Gryc, H. Vavrčík, M. Rybníček, E. Přemyslovská
J. For. Sci., 54 (2008): 170-175abstractdownload PDF
Estimating the sample size for fitting taper equations
K. Kitikidou, G. Chatzilazarou
J. For. Sci., 54 (2008): 176-182abstractdownload PDF

Time study and skidding capacity of the wheeled skidder Timberjack 450C in Caspian forests

F.K. Behjou, B. Majnounian, M. Namiranian, J. Dvořák
J. For. Sci., 54 (2008): 183-188abstractdownload PDF
Can clearcuts increase bird species richness in managed forests?
M. Żmihorski
J. For. Sci., 54 (2008): 189-193abstractdownload PDF

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