J. For. Sci., 55 (2009)

No. 1

The effect of liming on the mineral nutrition of the mountain Norway spruce (Picea abies L.) forest
Kulhavý J., Marková I., Drápelová I., Truparová S.:
J. For. Sci., 55 (2009): 1-8abstractdownload PDF
How does legacy of agriculture play role in formation of afforested soil properties?
Kacálek D., Novák J., Dušek D., Bartoš J., Černohous V.:
J. For. Sci., 55 (2009): 9-14abstractdownload PDF
Phenology of four broad-leaved forest trees in a submountain beech forest
Schieber B., Janík R., Snopková Z.:
J. For. Sci., 55 (2009): 15-22abstractdownload PDF
Relationships between browsing damage and woody species dominance
Čermák P., Horsák P., Špiřík M., Mrkva R.:
J. For. Sci., 55 (2009): 23-31abstractdownload PDF
Ecological requirements of some ant species of the genus Formica (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) in spruce forests
Véle A., Holuša J., Frouz J.:
J. For. Sci., 55 (2009): 32-40abstractdownload PDF
Forest yield index and its applicability to the assessment of future forest yields
Kulla L., Tutka J., Marušák R.:
J. For. Sci., 55 (2009): 41-50abstractdownload PDF

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