J. For. Sci., 57 (2011)

No. 12

Index Volume 57
J. For. Sci., 57 (2011): V-download PDF
S tructure and origin of mountain Norway spruce in the Bohemian Forest
Čada V., Svoboda M.:
J. For. Sci., 57 (2011): 523-535abstractdownload PDF
Gross value yield potential of coppice, high forest and model conversion of high forest to coppice on best sites
Kneifl M., Kadavý J., Knott R.:
J. For. Sci., 57 (2011): 536-546abstractdownload PDF
 Drought and aluminium as stress factors in Norway spruce (Picea abies) seedlings
Slugeňová K., Ditmarová Ľ., Kurjak D., VáľkaJ.:
J. For. Sci., 57 (2011): 547-554abstractdownload PDF
Testing of microbial additives in the rooting of Norway spruce (Picea abies [L.] Karst.) stem cuttings
Repáč I., Vencurik J., Balanda M.:
J. For. Sci., 57 (2011): 555-564abstractdownload PDF
Economics of a hydraulic hammer for forest road construction in a mountainous area
Parsakhoo A., Hosseini S. A., Ghaffariyan M. R.:
J. For. Sci., 57 (2011): 565-573abstractdownload PDF
Possibilities of homogenization of the kerf width created by the technology of abrasive water-jet cutting
Kminiak R., Barcík Š.:
J. For. Sci., 57 (2011): 574-579abstractdownload PDF

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