J. For. Sci., 59 (2013)

No. 10

Original Paper
Analysis of the genetic structure of a model Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) seed orchard for development of management strategies
Vanek O., Procházková Z., MatějkaK.:
J. For. Sci., 59 (2013): 377-387abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
In vitro reproduction of rare and endemic species of rowan tree
Máchová P., Malá J., Cvrčková H., Dostál J., Buriánek V.:
J. For. Sci., 59 (2013): 386-390abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
On the way to continuous cover forest at middle elevations – the question of forest structure and specific site characteristics
Bílek L., Remeš J., Švec O., Zahradník D.:
J. For. Sci., 59 (2013): 391-397abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Production of Douglas-Fir in the Czech Republic based on national forest inventory data
Podrázský V., Čermák R., Zahradník D., Kouba J.:
J. For. Sci., 59 (2013): 398-404abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Regional assessment of forest effect on watershed hydrology: Slovakia as a case study  405
HlásnyT., SitkováZ., Barka I.:
J. For. Sci., 59 (2013): 405-415abstractdownload PDF

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