J. For. Sci., 59 (2013)

No. 8

Original Paper
The proportion of heartwood in conifer (Pinus sylvestris L., Picea abies [L.] H. Karst.) trunks and its influence on trunk wood moisture -
M. Millers
J. For. Sci., 59 (2013): 295-300abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
A comparative analysis of neck muscle tension in a harvester operator compared with chainsaw and horse skidding operator and with normal human activities
J. Macků, J. Dvořák
J. For. Sci., 59 (2013): 301-305abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Effects of fertilisation on growth and nutrition of Norway spruce on a harsh mountain site

I. Kuneš, M. Baláš, V. Balcar, D. Kacálek, K. Millerová, A. Jančová, O. Nováková, O. Špulák, D. Zahradník, J. Vítámvás, T. Koňasová
J. For. Sci., 59 (2013): 306-318abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Long-term response of understorey cover, basal area and diversity to stand density in a mixed oak forest on the Síkfőkút plot in Hungary
T. Misik, K. Varga, Zs. Veres, I. Kárász, B. Tóthmérész
J. For. Sci., 59 (2013): 319-327abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Tree health influences diameter growth along site quality, crown class and age gradients in Nothofagus forests of southern Patagonia
H. Attis Beltrán, G. Martínez Pastur, H. Ivancich, M.V. Lencinas, L.M. Chauchard
J. For. Sci., 59 (2013): 328-336abstractdownload PDF
Biographical notice

Prof. Ing. Jaroslav Herynek, CSc., is celebrating his 80th birthday

Václav Tlapák, and colleeagues
J. For. Sci., 59 (2013): 337-337download PDF

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